Wolfe Air Photographs New Delta 747 Plane

FOR  IMMEDIATE  RELEASE – December 16, 2008

Leading Edge and Delta Air Lines go with Wolfe Air and Wolfe And Company Films for aerial filming of the first Northwest 747 re-painted into post-merger Delta colors.

Los Angeles, CA – When Atlanta based Delta Air Lines needed to document the repainting and delivery of the first Northwest Boeing 747-400 to display the Delta livery, they, along with Leading Edge Aviation Services, turned to DGA Director Dan Wolfe.

When the 747 was rolled out of the paint shop, Dan and his legendary team of talent from Wolfe Air Aviation, Gyron and Wolfe And Company Films boarded the Wolfe Air Learjet to taxi alongside the gleaming jumbo jet. Moments later they took to the skies to create some stunning air-to-air sequences. Using Wolfe Air’s exclusive Vectorvision, Bob Nettmann’s newest aerial system with it’s state-of-the-art horizon roll, zoom and substantially faster optics that provide unmatched creative latitude, Dan’s team was able to film a variety of incredible “magic light” shots.

The Learjet-based Vectorvision system is just one of the incredible aerial camera capabilities of Wolfe Air Aviation and it’s subsidiary, Gyron Systems International. Gyron’s “Super-G” is the ultimate film gimbal. Vectorvision (Film or HI-DEF) and the Gyron 935/945 gyrostabilized gimbals with HI-DEF Sony cameras and super-sharp zoom lenses are the preferred choice of all of the major studios and production companies. With a fleet of aircraft to fulfill any mission and a motto of “Zero to Mach .82”, Wolfe Air and Gyron offer the best crew, the best aircraft and the best camera systems, from digital stills to film to HI-DEF to IMAX, from ground level to near-stratosphere.


Wolfe Air Aviation, Ltd. is based in Pasadena, California and owns and operates a Stage-III Learjet 25, a highly modified Twin-Cessna 337 and an A-Star helicopter all equipped with state-of-the-art aerial film, high-definition and digital camera systems. Clients include Boeing, Lockheed, Northrop, the U.S. Air Force along with virtually all of the airlines and film production companies.


Richard Ivler, Director of Marketing
Wolfe Air Aviation / Gyron Systems International
(626) 584-4060


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