Wolfe Air Shoots Transformers II

After shooting amazing aerial sequences for the movie, “Transformers”.  It was an obvious choice for film director Michael Bay, Executive Producer Steven Spielberg, Dream Works, and Paramount Studios, to request the services of Wolfe Air Aviation on their next film, “Transformers (II): Revenge of the Fallen”.

Wolfe Air Aviation began shooting sequences for this film in August 2008, and aerial work continued into January 2009.  Working hand-in-hand with the United States Air Force, Wolfe Air Aviation filmed sequences with several military aircraft:  F-22’s , and C-130’s. 

Wolfe Air Aviation flew their specialized LearJet 25, which is the aerial platform for their unique Vectorvision camera system.  (This system can shoot film, IMAX, High-Def, or any video formats.)

The Wolfe Air team for this project consisted of:  Kevin LaRosa (Aerial Coordinator), Tom McMurtry (Pilot), and David Nowell (Aerial DP).

High-end images come from a perfect combination of experience and equipment.  That’s why Wolfe Air Aviation is the choice of top professionals.

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