Gyron 945 HI-DEF is in production

The much anticipated Gyron 945 gimbal has begun production at Gyron’s Southern California facility. The 945 incorporates all of the features that made the model 935 the ultimate gyrostabilized gimbal, and adds a whole new level of quality, reliability and features that have always been unique to Gyron. With the new gimbal, Gyron continues to provide the absolute best systems that no other gimbal manufacturer has been able to come close to matching.

The 945 will be fully compatible with the Sony F23/F35, and Red cameras, and will be the only gimbal to have a dedicated system featuring the Panavision Genesis camera with their 11:1 lens. Each gimbal is designed for the particular camera that it will use; no short cuts will be made to fit a camera into a generic gimbal, thus setting Gyron apart from the other systems on the market.

Flight-testing is expected to begin late summer 2009. Check back for updates on the progress of this amazing new addition to the Gyron line.

Contact Richard Ivler, Director of Marketing for additional information at (626) 584-8722 or

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