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Gyron Eagle Flies for NASA/Space Shuttle

December 18, 2009

On November 16th the Gyron Eagle, piloted by Tom McMurtry launched from Kennedy Space Center to capture HD footage of the STS-129 Space Shuttle launch and SRB splashdown. The stunning images were captured by our Gyron and Doug Holgate. The following letter from John Casper, veteran of numerous Shuttle flights was received by Dan Wolfe.
Dan –
I want to thank you, Tom McMurtry and all the Wolfe Air Aviation team who had a hand in supporting the last Space Shuttle launch. Your video and photos were excellent quality and helped our imagery analysis team reconstruct the separation and parachute descent  of the Shuttle’s solid rocket boosters. It’s a tribute to your team that you were able to respond to our request on such short notice, yet deliver photo products and data that were exactly what we required. Please pass my thanks to your entire company for a job well done!
I want to wish you and your employees all the best for the Holidays. Should the Space Shuttle Program need additional airborne coverage in the future, we know Wolfe Air Aviation can deliver!
Best wishes,
John H. Casper
Associate Program Manager
Space Shuttle Program
NASA Johnson Space Center