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Wolfe Air/Gyron and Mars Curiosity

August 22, 2012


 August 9, 2012

In 2011 Wolfe Air & Gyron teamed up with JPL and NASA for a couple of months in places like Edwards Air Force Base, Furnace Creek and our base at HawthorneAirport. The purpose of the operation was to test various parameters of the landing profile for Mars Curiosity. The actual antenna array that’s now up on Mars was mounted to the nose of Wolfe Air’s A-Star helicopter for almost two months. Jim Montgomery, part of the JPL Curiosity team, said that “everybody at Wolfe Air should be proud of helping to enable a safe landing on Mars for Curiosity!”

We are indeed proud to have supported some of the nicest and smartest people on this planet while they gathered the necessary data to make the miraculous Mars landing the flawless achievement it ended up being.



Richard Ivler

Director of Marketing

Wolfe Air Aviation / Gyron Systems International