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BO-105 Added to Wolfe Air Fleet

January 9, 2013


Wolfe Air, in our newly formed alliance with feature film producer Remington Chase, has just added an amazing new film production helicopter to its fleet. This Twin-Engine BO-105, like Red Bull uses for its incredible aerobatic performances, has many additional mind blowing one-of-a-kind upgrades. It is the ultimate camera platform or story ship.

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UPDATED WITH CLIPS: Gyron Captures P-51’s for

March 17, 2009

gyronp511In the final week of February, 2009, a team of aerial cinematography experts, including Aerial D.P. Doug Holgate, Aerial Coordinator / Camera Pilot Kevin Larosa and Gyron Technician / Producer Scott Smith converged at the Friedken’s Comanche Ranch south of Houston near the Mexican border to capture an amazing Air Show routine. Three vintage P-51 Mustangs were flown by Dan Friedkin, Ed Shipley and lead pilot Jim Beasley for incredible footage that will be used by in Ed Shipley’s latest project called ‘The Horsemen Cometh’. Major “Max” Moga, who was on board the Eurocopter B3 helicopter with the Hi Def Gyron mounted on the nose to capture the three Mustang’s routine, will narrate the documentary. Moga was very impressed with the Gyron system and mentioned that he had never seen aerial footage captured this well before.

According to Holgate, “we were able to go out to the end of the Fujinon 42 times lens and hold the entire Air Show from beginning to end with the three P-51’s wingtip to wingtip and sometimes even tighter, with total stability.” Noted Larosa, “the stability of the Gyron allowed us to stand off and pick our times to move closer to the Mustangs when we needed to” while Holgate added that “the ability of the Gyron system to hold stability at the end of the lens while pulling lateral G’s or in a rapid descent is key to getting these types of moves captured”.

CHECK OUT THE GYRON CAPTURED CLIPS HERE (and be sure to read the comments):

Wolfe Air Shoots Transformers II

March 6, 2009

After shooting amazing aerial sequences for the movie, “Transformers”.  It was an obvious choice for film director Michael Bay, Executive Producer Steven Spielberg, Dream Works, and Paramount Studios, to request the services of Wolfe Air Aviation on their next film, “Transformers (II): Revenge of the Fallen”.

Wolfe Air Aviation began shooting sequences for this film in August 2008, and aerial work continued into January 2009.  Working hand-in-hand with the United States Air Force, Wolfe Air Aviation filmed sequences with several military aircraft:  F-22’s , and C-130’s. 

Wolfe Air Aviation flew their specialized LearJet 25, which is the aerial platform for their unique Vectorvision camera system.  (This system can shoot film, IMAX, High-Def, or any video formats.)

The Wolfe Air team for this project consisted of:  Kevin LaRosa (Aerial Coordinator), Tom McMurtry (Pilot), and David Nowell (Aerial DP).

High-end images come from a perfect combination of experience and equipment.  That’s why Wolfe Air Aviation is the choice of top professionals.