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BO-105 Added to Wolfe Air Fleet

January 9, 2013


Wolfe Air, in our newly formed alliance with feature film producer Remington Chase, has just added an amazing new film production helicopter to its fleet. This Twin-Engine BO-105, like Red Bull uses for its incredible aerobatic performances, has many additional mind blowing one-of-a-kind upgrades. It is the ultimate camera platform or story ship.

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Production HUB Interview with Dan Wolfe

May 17, 2012

Gyron/Wolfe Air President Dan Wolfe was interviewed at our booth at NAB 2012. Click below to watch:

December 21, 2011


GYRON – Aerial Supremacy /Alaska

The undisputed best aerial gimbal just got better!

Gyron’s new 944/Red Epic-X captures all of the stunning aerials for “The Frozen Ground”, the true crime feature film thriller starring John Cusack and Nicolas Cage set in Alaska.

For additional information:

Jesse Brunt, DIT                

Doug Holgate, Cameraman

John Tamburro, Pilot      

Amy Hanes, Rentals       

Dan Wolfe, Director       


Richard Ivler

Director of Marketing

Wolfe Air Aviation / Gyron Systems International




New Back/Up HD Pod System

May 13, 2011


February 14, 2011

Wolfe Air and Gyron’s New Airport Headquarters Readies for Operation

July 20, 2010

July 19, 2010

The new Wolfe Air/Gyron Base at Hawthorne Airport is quickly moving towards full operational status.

The facility, on 2 plus acres of land is the former Northrop Grumman headquarters. It is the historic home of the original flying wing, B-2 bomber and numerous other revolutionary aircraft designs. During World War II it turned out thousands of planes for the US Army Air Corps.

Dan Wolfe, President of Wolfe Air and Gyron recognizes the historic importance of the facility and says that while major renovations are underway to fulfill the needs of the companies “we recognize the history and plan to blend the old with the new, including a permanent gallery of historic pictures and memorabilia from the Northrop Grumman era.”

The massive hangar will accommodate Wolfe Air’s Learjet, Twin-Cessna, A-Star and Turbo-Arrow as well as a Gulfstream G-V and Falcon 900. State-of-the-art security and an ultra-modern office complex will complement the facility and make it the home base for all world-wide operations.

Wolfe also said that Hawthorne is the perfect location for other aviation operations in the LA area. “We are 3 miles from LAX, without the hassles, and don’t have to deal with the traffic and congestion of Van Nuys. Additionally, the city of Hawthorne has been wonderful, they are 100% behind the airport and want it to succeed. We don’t have to worry about a ‘Santa Monica situation’ where there is an active campaign to close the airport. Hawthorne Airport is a source of pride for the community and they have overwhelmingly welcomed us.”

In addition to the large hangar, already housing the Wolfe Air fleet and the office complex, the facility will house the service and rental divisions of the Gyron gyrostabilized aerial camera gimbal. Part of the renovation includes a beautiful new clean-room.

The hangar/aircraft section is already operational and the Gyron complex is currently under construction. The final phase, completion of the 2-story office building, will begin soon and Wolfe expects the whole base of operations to be up and running by 2nd quarter 2011.

For more information, contact Richard Ivler, Wolfe Air Aviation Director of Marketing at (626) 584-4060 or by e-mail at

April 30, 2010

Gyron & NASA

By Wolfe Air / Gyron


When a giant Air Force C-17 cargo plane, laden with a 77,000 pound mockup of the Ares rocket dropped the payload to test its parachute deployment, the Wolfe And Company team captured the sequences in high-definition. The drop was made from 24,500 feet and tracked by the Gyron Eagle, a highly modified, one-of-a-kind Cessna 337. The Eagle was equipped with a state of the art Gyron gyrostabilized gimbal and zoom lens which provided incredibly sharp, stable images for NASA engineers to study. The resulting footage is exceptional – every detail of each chute deployment is perfectly drawn. No other aerial system is capable of providing the necessary “look-up stability” to capture a shot like the Gyron delivered.

For more information, contact Richard Ivler, Wolfe Air Aviation Director of Marketing at (626) 584-4060 or by e-mail at

Wolfe Air & JPL

April 30, 2010



A full-scale mockup of the next generation Mars Lander, suspended from Wolfe Air’s helicopter was test flown on the ramp of the Wolfe Air facility at Hawthorne Airport on Thursday. The next landing on Mars will be accomplished by a hovercraft setting the Rover gently onto the surface of the red planet. Airbag “crash” landings are now a thing of the past.

In addition to the stunning images captured by Wolfe Air and Wolfe And Company Films, the test flight was covered by local media. For articles and photos click on the following links:

For more information, contact Richard Ivler, Wolfe Air Aviation Director of Marketing at (626) 584-4060 or by e-mail at

Gyron Eagle Flies for NASA/Space Shuttle

December 18, 2009

On November 16th the Gyron Eagle, piloted by Tom McMurtry launched from Kennedy Space Center to capture HD footage of the STS-129 Space Shuttle launch and SRB splashdown. The stunning images were captured by our Gyron and Doug Holgate. The following letter from John Casper, veteran of numerous Shuttle flights was received by Dan Wolfe.
Dan –
I want to thank you, Tom McMurtry and all the Wolfe Air Aviation team who had a hand in supporting the last Space Shuttle launch. Your video and photos were excellent quality and helped our imagery analysis team reconstruct the separation and parachute descent  of the Shuttle’s solid rocket boosters. It’s a tribute to your team that you were able to respond to our request on such short notice, yet deliver photo products and data that were exactly what we required. Please pass my thanks to your entire company for a job well done!
I want to wish you and your employees all the best for the Holidays. Should the Space Shuttle Program need additional airborne coverage in the future, we know Wolfe Air Aviation can deliver!
Best wishes,
John H. Casper
Associate Program Manager
Space Shuttle Program
NASA Johnson Space Center

The New Gyron 945 Completes its First Flight

October 3, 2009

After 8 years of intense R&D, the world’s best gimbal is now even better. The Gyron 945 is making great progress. It’s about to revolutionize aerial shooting, setting a whole new standard of performance and creativity. Gyron’s new unique robust, reliable design easily scales up or down to accommodate any sensor payload. Attached is our ad with the actual hardware flying for the first time. The photo was taken during the STC test flight last Friday. The new 945 and single-post bracket passed all FAA tests with flying colors. Check out our websites for details. STAY TUNED!

Gyron 945 First Flight

Gyron 945 First Flight


Richard Ivler – Director of Marketing
Wolfe Air Aviation
Gyron Systems International
(626) 584-4060